Getting Started

Once you have selected a Lifetime basketball system that is best for you, there’s only one thing between you and unlimited at-home play, and that’s assembly of your hoop. There are a few different ways to approach assembly, and each hoop will have different requirements to set up, but Lifetime provides a multitude of resources to make all of it as smooth, simple, and easy as possible. No one needs to feel intimidated by assembly—it’s designed to be accessible regardless of your level of experience.

Things to Consider

Important things to consider when approaching assembly are the resources that Lifetime provides to help, common questions that arise, the tools you may need, and whether you have a portable, combo, in-ground, or bolt-down hoop. Each individual basketball model will provide you with an outline of your assembly needs and options as part of the packaging materials.

Different Types of Hoop

Portable basketball hoops will have very different assembly processes and requirements from in-ground, bolt-down, and combo hoops. Since in-ground and bolt-down systems require installation in concrete, additional preparation is necessary.

Common Concerns

If you have questions as you assemble your Lifetime basketball hoop, you may want to look at the list of frequently asked questions regarding basketball system assembly. There you can find responses to the most common questions and concerns that arise when customers assemble their basketball hoops.

Assembly Resources and Tools

Lifetime offers several resources to assist in the assembly process, including user manuals, videos guides, and customer service.

As you prepare for assembly, you’ll want to gather the tools that you will employ to put together your basketball system. Different systems require different tools for assembly. Some sets of tools, however, will be helpful with many different Lifetime basketball models, and some will be more particular. The tools page will lay out which tools are helpful for which product assemblies.

Customer Service

Our customer service is the best in the business. If any additional help is needed during assembly beyond what is represented on this page, the Lifetime customer service team is eager and ready to help. Click here for more information about Lifetime customer service.

With these resources in mind, you can find anything you need for a quick, easy, and confident assembly experience of your Lifetime basketball hoop.