I took a trip to San Diego this past weekend for the International PRSA conference. Awesome information and great speakers. But, four days of workshops, exhibitions, and keynote speakers-- needless to say, it's healthy to take a break! What better place to do just that than the San Diego Zoo! For me, the highlight of the zoo is watching the polar bears. I was so excited to get to the exhibit, only to find him spread out on his belly, fast asleep. After a few minutes of debating wether or not I should move on, suddenly, he opened his eyes and lumbered over to the pool.

Kids and adults alike ran toward the glass, watching with excitement. This polar bear knew exactly what he wanted to do. He swam to one side of the water, grabbed his ball with one humongous paw, and swam to the other side right in front of a group of children. What happened next was hillarious. A game of '1 on 7 basketball' between the kids and the bear! Or was it a game of break the glass?  You decide.  Although, I do wish he had a basketball hoop so I could have seen his shooting form, that could be one big slam dunk!