The goal of basketball is to put the ball through the hoop: two points! The rim serves as the scoring area, so it is an essential part of any basketball system. It is generally fastened to the backboard, which is in turn supported by the pole and base. The height of the rim can be altered with an adjustment mechanism. Not all rims are the same. Different materials, setups, and designs can greatly affect the behavior of the ball during shots, and significantly impact the experience of dunking. Some rims are rigid, while others have varying qualities of breakaway that can greatly improve the game for players who dunk often. The rim also affects the rebound factor and response of the ball when it contacts the hoop.

Lifetime makes several different styles of rim, in order to suit the needs of all types of basketball players.



This classic-style rim is 15 inches in diameter, and designed for youth sized basketballs. This rim comes with Lifetime’s Youth hoops and Impact backboards.

Slam-It Jr.

This innovative breakaway rim is 15 inches in diameter. Its enclosed spring makes this youth rim the best on the market, and provides an elevated play experience for young superstars. It is featured on the 30” Steel-Framed Shatterproof Youth hoop.


The original classic basketball rim. The classic rim is made of 5/8-inch solid steel, supported by ½-inch braces. It’s been getting the job done since your great-grandparents first picked up a basketball. 


A streamlined version of the classic rim. Strong and sturdy, this rim can hold up to whatever players throw down on it, whether they’re all-stars or all-seventh grade.


This heavy-duty classically-styled rim is built to take a slam. The Slam-It Rim features double-compression springs that allow the rim to break away during dunks, protecting player’s hands. The rim will immediately spring back into place when released. The Slam-It rim is made of 5/8-inch solid steel and is common on mid-level and high-end hoops.

Slam-It Pro

The Slam-it Pro Rim is built for aggressive play. Its 5/8-inch solid steel ring is supported by an arena-style wraparound brace. Heavy-duty double compression springs provide incredibly smooth breakaway action. For players who throw down jams, this rim is an ideal choice. Several Lifetime hoops are equipped with the Slam-it Pro rim.

Slam-It Ultra

The high-performance Slam-It Ultra rim features an aggressive vertical spring that keeps the rim very secure during gameplay, but breaks away during strong dunks. A robust continuous hook wire for securing the net ensures durability. This rim is standard on Tempered Glass systems, and will help take your game to the next level.


The definitive rim for outdoor hoops, the Mammoth offers the perfect balance of rim stability with extremely smooth breakaway ability. This rim performs and looks like arena rims, and makes players feel like they are playing on a professional court. Dual high-end vertical springs and strong wraparound bracing put this rim into a league of its own. Go see the Mammoth lineup.