If you love basketball, your home may feel incomplete without your own basketball system to play on whenever you want. Lifetime offers dozens of premium-quality basketball systems so you can play without limits. But with so many combinations of backboards, bases, poles, and rims, it can seem tough to know which system is best for you. This guide will help you quickly find the perfect setup so you can get straight to the (home) court.

Lifetime Basketball Systems have four components: the backboard, the rim, the pole, and the base. There are also combo systems that can be mounted on the wall, roof, or an existing pole.

The backboard is the vertical surface behind the rim that acts as a base for the ball to bounce off of. Different backboards are made of different materials that have different values of weight, durability, and rebound factor.

The rim, where the ball scores as it passes through, can be structured a few different ways to provide varying levels of  weight and flexibility. There is also a smaller-diameter rim for youth-sized basketballs.

The pole fastens to the base and supports the backboard and rim. All Lifetime Basketball Poles are adjustable, and there are several styles available that each use different mechanisms for height adjustment.

The base is the foundation upon which the basketball system is anchored. It is weighted, usually by being filled with water or sand, so as to provide stability to the entire system. Different bases are of varying sizes and fill capacity, for more flexibility and mobility or more steadiness. There are also in-ground bases, which are permanent and extremely secure foundations for the system.

Combo systems combine a backboard and rim, and can be installed without a pole or base by mounting them to a roof, wall, or existing pole. This can be done with a Universal Mounting Kit. They offer extra flexibility of location and conserve space.

No matter what or where your basketball needs are, Lifetime has the basketball system to turn any location into the court of your dreams. For additional assistance, visit the Lifetime store, where a member of the Lifetime Team will help you directly.