The Lifetime Deluxe Dog House boasts tons of features to provide a comfortable, private space for your dog, including a mounting bracket for a dog house heater. While this bracket won't mount every heater that you can find, it is designed to give you the most options for providing warmth to your pup during cold weather. We do not endorse any one specific heater, but the following links will take you to products that match the size requirement for the mounting bracket in the Lifetime Deluxe Dog House. 

Amazon Link: Akoma Hound Heater

Amazon Link: Extreme Consumer Products- Dog House Heater

A heater that is compatible with the mounting bracket in the Lifetime Deluxe Dog House will give you the peace of mind that your best bud is safe and warm, and keep your dog happy all year long. For additional comments and questions about the Lifetime Deluxe Dog House, or any of our other products, contact us here.

Dog House Bracket