When researching the perfect basketball hoop for your home, it’s important not to overlook the assembly process. Knowing what to expect when your basketball system arrives can greatly ease the assembly process so your hoop is ready as soon as possible. Lifetime is focused on providing plenty of resources to ensure an amazing experience when you assemble your hoop. Here are 5 excellent resources you have when assembling your Lifetime Basketball Hoop.

Basketball Hoop Assembly through Printed Instructions

Lifetime provides traditional printed instructions to assist in the build. Instructions are routinely reviewed to address any changes in design while maintaining clear and concise directions. The paper instructions give a thorough overview of the basketball system assembly and provide everything needed to make it go smoothly. Updates to the instructions can be found on the Lifetime website. (www.lifetime.com)

Baksetball Assembly Video Tutorials

Lifetime provides YouTube videos that take you step by step through the basketball hoop assembly process. You can follow along and see your own product built from the ground up. You can take the videos at your own pace and even take advantage of customer-submitted videos for additional insight into the assembly process. Videos can be found on the Lifetime YouTube Channel. (www.youtube.com/user/lifetimeproducts)

See an example of Lifetime Basketball Assembly Videos here:

Assembly Help from Customer Service (In the United States)

You can contact Lifetime’s US-based customer service agents Monday through Saturday. When you give Lifetime a call, you are connected to a live person who is there to ease the assembly process and connect you with clear answers to your questions. Each agent routinely builds Lifetime’s Basketball Hoops and o¬ffers first-hand knowledge on the assembly. Simply call 1-800-225-3865 to get help from a customer service representative.

Pay for Assembly

Your time is important and there are services available to handle the assembly for you. Call Lifetime and they can help you schedule an appointment to have your product assembled through partners located throughout the United States. One easy call and a professional installation team will arrive at your door. All work provided is guaranteed through Lifetime. Call 1-800-336-3865 to schedule basketball hoop assembly. 

BILT App for Detailed Assembly

Lifetime has partnered with BILT to provide an interactive guide for your project. With this app, you get complete control over the instructions. At each step of the guide, you can rotate, zoom, and inspect the image on your phone or tablet to get a clear view of the basketball hoop to complete the assembly. You can even register your product warranty through the BILT App.

Purchase Lifetime Basketball Hoops

If you are looking for the right basketball hoop for your home, don’t let assembly keep you from the decision. When you choose Lifetime, you can rest assured that you will find the right solution to enjoy your basketball system as soon as possible. Check out the Lifetime website and find the perfect basketball hoop for your home!