With the proper fall clean up, you can prepare your home for winter and ease the spring cleaning next season. There are a lot of reasons to get your home prepped in the fall. You can take advantage of all the leaves and debris to make compost you can use in your garden after the winter. Of course, fall clean up starts with the right tools and equipment. So what’s on your checklist for yard maintenance and landscaping? Lifetime has a great list of essentials to get you started with your fall clean up routine.

Lifetime offers a great catalogue of lawn and garden care equipment, tools, and storage spaces. We provide a one-stop shop for all the essentials you’ll need to keep your yard looking great this fall. Take advantage of the season and see how you can use all those dried leaves around your home for your garden next spring. Also see the advantages to having the proper storage solutions for your tools and equipment.

Fall Yard Clean Up Checklist

When the final harvest rolls around and plants around your yard start to brown, it’s time to get your checklist ready to do some fall clean up. Preparing your yard for the changing season can truly benefit your home in the winter and even minimize some of your spring cleaning. You can even prepare your yard and garden for healthy growth in the upcoming year. Here is a quick look at our checklist to get your yard prepared during the autumn season.

·         Collect fallen leaves

·         Dig up dry plants

·         Clear gutters

·         Mow the lawn

·         Trim troublesome branches

·         Add compost to lawn and garden

·         Drain hoses and sprinklers

·         Clean tools

·         Store everything for the winter

Throw Fall Debris in Backyard Composters

Fall is the best time of year to collect brown materials for composting. The first item of our checklist is collecting the fallen leaves and dry plants around your yard. These materials make an excellent base for composting, and the sooner you start, the earlier you’ll have it for your garden in the spring. Also, be sure to check your gutters and make sure they are clear of debris. Some of these materials will also work great in your compost bin. Once you have raked your yard and gotten all those dry materials, you’ll need some green, or wet, materials for the compost.

The next step is to cut any tree branches that could cause a problem in the winter. If you have any branches you fear won’t be able to endure heavy snowfall, be sure to trim it before the snow falls. Cut that branch into small pieces of wood and add it to your compost pile. From there, mowing the lawn will provide great grass clippings that can add moisture to your compost mixture. If you are in need of a backyard composter, a rotating compost bin offers a great and simple solution to composting. It naturally creates the right conditions for the materials to decompose while also giving you an easy way to rotate the compost to allow for more oxygen flow.

If you already have a composter, the end of fall is an excellent time to use any compost you’ve made. Over the winter, it’ll spread powerful nutrients into your soil that will give you a beautiful garden next spring. You can also use compost in your lawn and get lush green growth next year. Compost is a great home fertilizer for your yard and garden, so don’t miss out on composting this fall!

Rotating Compost Bin

Clean Your Tools and Store them Properly

When you are done doing all that work around your home, you’ll want to make sure your tools and equipment are clean and properly stored. Any leftover dirt and clippings should be cleaned off the tools to avoid rust over the winter. Do not forget to drain your sprinkler system and garden hose. Any leftover water can expand when it freezes in the cold weather and damage your hose and sprinkler system. Be sure to store your hose in a safe and dry place.

Depending on your needs, you can find a number of different storage solutions that allow you to keep your tools safe over the winter. Whether you need a small deck box for some gardening tools or an outdoor shed for your lawn mower, you can find all the right storage options through Lifetime. Here’s a quick look at some of the options you have for storing your fall clean-up tools.

Plastic Outdoor Storage Sheds and Outdoor Deck Box

A storage option provides extra space and protection for the tools you use around your home. As mentioned, an outdoor storage shed could be the perfect solution for your lawn mower while still offering shelving and space for smaller items. Best of all, you can get a shed in many different sizes so it is perfect to house exactly what you need. If you are looking for a smaller solution, Lifetime has other options available, too.

If you aren’t in need of a big shed, you can always opt for a deck box or a horizontal shed for smaller tools and equipment. These options are compact and can easily fit on your deck, porch, patio, or yard. A deck box gives you a compact storage space while a horizontal shed offers a bit more room if needed. You can find options for both products from Lifetime. Just find the size that best suits your needs and enjoy excellent protection for your belongings.

Outdoor Storage Shed

Find a Composter or Outdoor Storage Solution for Fall Clean Up Today!

When starting your fall clean up, don’t miss out on these great Lifetime products to make the most out of your lawn and garden. A rotating composter makes it easy to use those autumn leaves and make great compost. Meanwhile, a shed, deck box, or horizontal shed gives you a great space to hold on to tools. If you are in the market for some of these items, you can find the perfect solutions for shedscomposters, and more at Lifetime!