It’s finally come. The day you’ve been waiting for since they were born. Your child is grown enough to start shooting hoops. As you begin to look for the perfect basketball system for your house, it quickly becomes apparent that the days of simple white backboards hung from rusted metal poles permanently fixed into the ground of your parents back patio are over. Driveway basketball hoop technology has come a long way.

With so many choices out there, it can be tough to pinpoint the right hoop for your home. There are so many factors to take into account. Luckily, your experience doesn’t need to feel like shooting a foul shot at an away game, once you’ve learned a little more about the latest basketball system technology. Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of your basketball hoop: The backboard. The three main types of backboard materials are Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and Tempered Glass.

Impact (HDPE) Backboards

Impact backboards are made out of fade resistant and ultra-durable High-Density Polyethylene. These backboards are great for beginning players because they limit the distance the ball rebounds off them after missed shots. This can be very helpful for younger players (and parents) who don’t want to chase balls down the driveway or across the yard. These backboards also have fun graphics that make the hoops more appealing to children.

Lifetime Backboards

Polycarbonate Backboards

Polycarbonate is the strongest of the materials and is practically shatterproof. Backboards made out of Polycarbonate materials limit how much the ball bounces after missed shots. This makes it easier to rebound, and may be ideal for beginning players that don’t want to constantly chase down balls. Many polycarbonate backboards are reinforced with steel providing enhanced rebound and higher level performance. These types of reinforced backboards are great for players who want a more competitive experience, while still enjoying the durability of a shatterproof playing surface. 

Acrylic Backboards

Acrylic backboards provide a balance between durability and performance. They offer more rebound than polycarbonate systems, and aren’t as fragile as tempered glass systems. Acrylic backboards have a near glass look, while ensuring that the system will withstand the elements. These systems are ideal for players competing at high levels. 

Tempered Glass Backboards

Tempered glass systems offer exceptional rebound, equivalent to backboards found indoors at recreational facilities. They are ideal for players who want to train at the highest levels and easily transfer the skills gained in the yard to a competitive indoor environment. They are also perfect for large outdoor courts with expansive playing areas. These systems require extra care during assembly and from the elements as they can develop cracks in the glass and break if not cared for properly.

Lifetime Basketball Backboards and Basketball Hoops

At Lifetime, we pride ourselves on providing top quality basketball systems that families and friends can enjoy together. Whether you are looking for a basketball hoop to pass down the love of the game to your kids, or a hoop that allows for ultimate competitive play, we’ve got the system for you. Visit Lifetime's website to find the perfect basketball hoop for your home, today!