We’ve been seeing a few comments posted here from customers trying to reach our Customer Care team.

While we’re glad to try and address your questions here, most of the time we pass your questions directly on to our Customer Care team who is happy to help you get the information or help you need regarding your product.

We always invite your comments and don’t want to discourage anyone from writing in (after all, that’s what this blog is all about), we do want to make sure that when you have questions they get answered as quickly as possible.

That said, when you want to talk to a product or lifestyle expert, this is the place to post those questions, comments, suggestions, examples, etc.

When you have questions regarding assembly, warranty, replacement parts, etc.  you’ll want to contact Customer Care. First, check the Customer Care section of our web site at www.Lifetime.com/customercare/, we may have already answered your question, or you can always contact a representative using one of the email links on our Contact Us page: www.Lifetime.com/customercare/contactus.aspx.