Are you looking to cut down on food waste? Do you want a cheap and easy way to improve your garden and yard? Then composting is the answer for you! Some of the greatest foods for your garden are the very scraps from your kitchen. As you mix your scraps with nature’s, it decomposes and combines together to create compost – the “black gold” your garden will love. There are many ways to go about making compost, and Lifetime wants to make it as convenient for you as possible by providing tips, tricks, and methods to get you started.

How to Use a Composter

You can make compost using a variety of methods. The main steps include: gathering green (moist) and brown (dry) materials, dedicating a location in your yard, keeping it hydrated, and mixing frequently. Green materials include any kitchen scraps that don’t contain oil, grease, fats, or dairy. Feel free to toss the eggshells from your omelet, or your coffee grounds into your compost pile. Fruit and vegetable scraps are also great green material choices that will increase your compost production. Brown materials include anything from your yard that is brown and dying. This can be leaves, grass and plant clippings, shredded newspaper, and finely chopped wood. When mixed together, green and brown materials work with each other to break down the material into a powerful fertilizer for your garden.

Once you have your materials combined, you will need to make sure they stay moist, but not too wet. You can do this by adding more brown material if it’s too wet, or adding more green material or water if it is too dry. The last step is mixing and rotating the compost. Some people use rakes, shovels, or rotating compost bins to mix up their compost materials.

Composting with a Rotating Composter

Many different methods are used to maintain a compost pile. Some people use a box, others a dedicated location on the ground, and others use rotating composters. When using a compost tumbler, you will still follow the same steps outlined above. When you come to rotating your material, a rotating composter will help you mix your material easily and conveniently. The Lifetime Compost Tumbler comes with bin doors that allow you to add material easily. The bin rotates quickly and simply, and keeps the material warm and moist. Using the compost is as easy as opening the bin and transporting the desired amount to your garden, yard, or flower beds.

Rotating Compost Bin

Why is Composting Good?

There are many reasons maintaining a home compost pile will benefit your home and family. Composting gives you the opportunity to use all your kitchen scraps to your advantage. It will lessen the amount of food that goes to waste in landfills and other waste sites. Instead, composting utilizes the nutrients you are growing in your own yard by breaking down the plants and clippings and using them to fertilize the other plants in your yard. You will save money by making your own compost, as you will not have to buy fertilizer at your local store or nursery. Your whole family will be able to participate in keeping your yard and home neat and flourishing.

Start Composting Today

Now that you know the benefits and ease of creating your own compost, try it out for yourself! The Lifetime Compost Tumbler will be the perfect option for your compost and gardening needs. Take a look at and browse our selection of Compost Tumblers for your home.