You can spend more quality time with your family while getting active with Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoops. Whether you’re in the backyard or driveway, you can easily move your system to the place that’s most convenient for an at home court. Of course, you want to properly fill the base to keep your hoop well anchored wherever it is placed. Learn how to properly fill a Lifetime Portable Basketball Base to get safe and sturdy play in the comfort of your home.

What to Know Before Filling Your Basketball Base

Depending on the model of your Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop, the base will require a different amount of sand or water. Check your instructions to see how much sand or water your base requires. Never stand the hoop up without the proper weight in the base, the basketball system can fall over and cause damage to people or property. Each hoop will require at least two adults for assembly, so make sure to have another person available. If your base has two holes, plug the hole closer to the center with the cap provided.

If you are filling the base with sand, come equipped with a funnel. The funnel will make it easier to pour sand into the base without causing an unnecessary mess. If you don’t have a funnel, you can make one out of cardboard or repurpose a 2-liter bottle by cutting it in half. Sand is a reliable material to fill your base because it doesn’t leak or evaporate. It’ll remain within the base and provide excellent weight to anchor your basketball System.

If you have opted to use water to fill the base, be sure to keep a careful eye on the water level. Leaks and evaporation can cause less water to be in the base, so refilling periodically will help you avoid any safety concerns. In order to fill your base with water, you’ll need a hose and some chlorine bleach. Additionally, if you live in a climate with many different temperatures, it’s worth looking into base gel that can keep the water from freezing.

Filling Your Portable Basketball Base with Sand

To fill your base with sand, the hoop must be leaned forward and resting on the rim. One adult will hold the base steady, while the other fills the base. Take the funnel and put it into the fill hole. Fill the funnel with sand so it falls into the base. Fill the base with sand until it reaches the fill hole. Once you’ve reached that point, you and your partner can slowly stand the basketball system upright. Once the system is standing, continue filling the base with sand. Be sure to leave enough space to screw on the cap afterwards.

Filling Your Basketball Base with Water

Filling the base with water will follow many of the same steps as filling with sand. Have the hoop leaned over and resting on the rim. Once again, one person will keep the base steady while the other fills. Put the hose into the fill hole and fill until the water reaches the hole. Carefully stand the hoop upright. From here, add the recommended amount of bleach to aid in preventing algae build up. Continue filling the base until completely full. Remember to leave enough space to screw on the cap afterwards.

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