Kayakers everywhere can get excited about a new way to adventure on the water. Lifetime Products is proud to announce the launch of the Cabrio Kayak from Emotion Kayaks, the first ever hybrid kayak that is both a sit-in and a sit-on-top watercraft.

The amazing Cabrio has a tightly sealed cover that can be easily removed, converting it from a sit-in to a sit-on-top kayak in seconds. Traditionally, kayakers would have to choose between sit-in and sit-on-top designs. Now, you can have it all.

Emotion Kayaks Cabrio Hybrid Kayak Sit-In Cold Weather Use


While both provide an enjoyable kayaking experience, sit-in and sit-on-top boats are different. Sit-on-top kayaks leave the paddler open from the waist down, allowing for more splash, fresh air, and sunshine. This is a popular style for warmer weather and leisurely paddling. Angler kayaks are also commonly sit-on-top models, to allow for freer movement and handling of catches and equipment on the deck.

Sit-in kayaks feature an enclosed cockpit that covers the paddler up to about the waist. The kayaker still gets to experience the fresh air and sunshine, but they are partially enclosed, which reduces exposure to splash and wind. This makes sit-in kayaks excellent options for larger bodies of water, more demanding conditions, and colder weather.


Lifetime Emotion Kayaks Cabrio Hybrid Kayak Conversion



Beginning and experienced paddlers alike can find something to love about both the sit-in and sit-on-top kayaking experience. The Cabrio Kayak allows for both using the same boat. A simple conversion makes it all possible. Here’s how it works:



Like all Emotion Kayaks, the Cabrio is made from UV-protected high-density polyethylene. It’s light, strong, and resistant to impact and the elements, making it a reliable and long-lasting adventure companion. Front and rear luggage handles make transporting it to and from the water a breeze, and with a padded seat, you can take extended trips in comfort.

For storage, the Cabrio Kayak features a tankwell storage compartment with a bungee weave to secure items as well as a unique quick-access cockpit storage compartment, and a built-in water bottle holder. The integrated paddle keeper and universal media mount give you free use of your hands when you need them.


Lifetime Emotion Kayaks Cabrio Hybrid Kayak Storage



With its unique hybrid design, the Cabrio sits lower in the water than most kayaks. Built-in scupper holes use the Venturi effect to drain water away from the kayak when it’s in motion. Included scupper plugs can be used to seal the deck while water is not being drained.


The Cabrio Kayak is a versatile, comfortable, and complete kayaking experience for a variety of conditions, making it the perfect option for keeping paddling options open year-round. We know kayakers will have as much fun using this kayak as we did creating it. The Cabrio Kayak from Emotion Kayaks is available now at Public Lands, Lifetime.com, and your local Lifetime Store.

Lifetime Emotion Kayaks Cabrio Paddling Adventure