When spending multiple days out in the wilderness, you need the right solution to preserve your food. Whether you are a hunter, camper, or an adventurer, you know the importance of preparation and having the right tools with you. The Lifetime 65-Quart Cooler features a high-performance build designed to be the ideal storage solution for food and drink. Here is a deeper look at its features and the benefits you’ll receive from this model.

Lifetime 65-Quart High Performance Cooler

High-Performance Ice Retention:

The 65-Quart High Performance Cooler gives you up to 8 days of ice retention. When you pack your cooler correctly and follow the proper steps to extend ice retention, you’ll be able to get multiple days of ice retention out of the cooler. This will ensure that you can keep your food below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the FDA’s recommendation for safe food. Here are some tricks you can use to maximize your cooler’s effectiveness:

Pre-Chill Cooler and Contents: The inside of the cooler will be the average temperature of the items inside. By pre-chilling everything, you can ensure colder temperatures within your cooler.

Properly Layer Food and Ice: Food should be stored below ice. Covering contents with a layer of ice allows the ice to last longer.

Keep the Lid Closed: Every time you open your cooler, warm air gets in and cold air gets out. Keeping the lid closed will maintain the temperature inside.

Don’t Set in Direct Sunlight: Keep your cooler in a shady area and reduce the amount of direct heat on its surface. That heat can eventually heat the interior.

Lifetime 65-Quart High Performance Cooler

Cooler Durability:

This cooler is certified by the IGBC and strong enough to withstand a bear for up to an hour when locked. No need to lock your food in a bear box, you’re cooler has you covered. The bottle openers double as lock points that maximize the security of your cooler. Simply put a padlock through the loops and your cooler is ready to withstand any bear coming its way.

Between the design and materials, this cooler is built to last. Whether you need it to withstand a bear or not, you are sure to get years of use out of the cooler. The insulated lid and body are strong and built for a rough and tumble life. The cooler can easily double as a seat whenever one is needed. Between the protection you’ll get for your food and the convenience it provides in camp, it’s a great item to have with you.

Lifetime 65-Quart High Performance Cooler

Feature Rich Cooler Design:

Beyond the performance and durability, the cooler offers plenty of extra features that can make your trip more convenient. The built in bottle opener lets you easily open a bottle on the spot. The feet are specially designed to grip when the cooler is sitting flat and slide when the cooler is lifted to one side to be moved. It also includes a capped drain spout that is hose compatible.

With the Lifetime 65-Quart Cooler, you can take your next wilderness expedition to the next level. Add the convenience to your travels and see the benefits of having a durable solution to keeping your food. You can get a great deal on the Lifetime Cooler this Cyber Monday at Sam’s Club.