kids oval picnic outside.JPGRemember being young and banned to the “kiddie” table at family gatherings? Now with our new table, you are going to wish you were still a kid. The new  Lifetime Kids Oval Picnic Table takes all the creative features of our adult-sized tables – easy to clean, lightweight, folding for storage –  and miniaturizes it.  After all, what kid doesn't want to have stuff just like Mom and Dad's?

The Kids Oval Picnic Table folds completely flat for storage. And, don't worry, moms - it looks nice so it will won’t distract from the hours spent on making the perfect table setting.

We have been using our kids picnic table a lot at our house. It goes easily from the indoors to outdoors. Because it’s made of the same material as our adult picnic tables, we let the kids color on it or do their finger paint projects. It’s easy to clean once their attention span has been maxed out and they have moved on to making a mess somewhere else.   We have used another type of kids table at our house with separate chairs. Inevitably, the chairs tip over and someone ends up getting hurt. The nice thing about the picnic table is the benches are attached so no tipping-over.

The new Lifetime Kids Oval Picnic Tables will be for sale at Costco Warehouses beginning in mid-April, just in time for outdoor summertime eating. Or, if you just can't wait that long, you can find our original rectangular Kids Picnic Table (available in three colors) in the Lifetime Store online now.