65-composter2.jpgWho loves composting? We do! Remember how we introduced the Lifetime 80-Gallon Composter last spring? Well, with its success we have designed a smaller version and are excited to announce—the Lifetime 65-Gallon Composter! We have kept all the same great features but just made it a little smaller.

The Lifetime 65-Gallon Composter is constructed of UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels and is black with a galvanized steel base. Its extra large, removable lid makes it easy to load lawn and garden trimmings and organic waste. The lid latches shut to help keep rodents out and compost in. The ingenious tumbler design turns on an axis to allow for easy and balanced rotation. The aerated internal bar mixes compost and allows for air flow.

Even if you’ve never composted before, what better time than now to start?! Plus, when you buy the Lifetime composter, it comes with an easy how-to booklet explaining all the details of successfully composting.

65-composter.jpg65-composter3.jpgHere are some of the benefits of composting:
1. Improves Soil's Ability to Retain Moisture - Reduces Watering Costs
2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Kitchen and Garden Waste -Saves Landfill Space
3. Conditions Soil for Healthy Plants and Gardens - Provides Valuable Nutrients
4. Stop Buying Expensive Fertilizers and Mulch - Create Your Own with Composting

The composter comes in one box and includes a 5-year limited warranty. The Lifetime 65-Gallon Composter is now available nationwide in all Sam’s Club stores.