Portable Basketball Hoops

Unlike in-ground and bolt-down hoops, which require pouring concrete to assemble, Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoops and Combo Hoops can be installed with a few home tools and their included components, usually in just a few hours, and either sand or water to weigh down the base.

Each Lifetime Basketball Hoop comes with detailed instructions, and the Lifetime Assembly Channel has videos to walk you through assembly of most Lifetime hoop models. Assembling a portable basketball hoop should take one to four hours, and can be done with a few common household tools, along with enough sand or water to fill the base.

Visit the Lifetime Assembly Channel to find a video guide on installation of your basketball hoop.

The backboard, rim, and backboard frame will need to be assembled and then attached to the pole with the adjustment mechanism integrated in, and the pole will need to be attached to the base. When all the components are secured together, the base should be filled to weigh it down and keep it stable. Once this is complete, you will have a functional, reliable Lifetime Basketball System, ready for use.

Combo Hoops

Lifetime Combo Hoops are easy to assemble. They pair with a separate mounting kit to attach to a wall, roof, or existing 3-inch pole. They are a great choice when space is tight, or when replacing an old backboard. Assembling a Lifetime Combo Hoop requires only the included components and a few common household tools. For more information on installing a combo hoop with a mounting kit, visit the Lifetime Assembly Channel.

For more information on installing your Lifetime Basketball Hoop, visit our Information Center or contact Lifetime Customer Service.