I sure hope you had a fun fourth of July!  We had a great weekend, but we didn't do anything special or festive other than watch fireworks.  Kind of sad... especially since our tradition, when we lived in Arizona, was to host a pool party and BBQ at our house every Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.  We'd invite our four closet friends and spend the day playing 3-on-3 volleyball and then the guys would throw down a serious game of hoops with our Lifetime Poolside basketball/volleyball system. 

Let's get something straight.  I'm not talking about a leisurely game where you splash around in the pool and daintily tap the ball over the net or into the hoop for fear of knocking down the flimsy goal.  I'm talking about a game of volleyball where you actually have to jump up to spike the ball over the net, instead of simply lifting your arm because the net is chest level.   And, playing a full-up, hardcore game of 1-on-1, complete with slam dunking. 

We didn't have a puny toy basketball hoop like some of the other pool basketball hoops and volleyball systems you find.  Our Lifetime Poolside basketball hoop was a full-sized backboard with a full-sized base.  It was the exact same backboard and base you'd buy to put in your driveway (with the exception of different graphics), only with a shorter pole.  Depending on the model you buy, some of the Lifetime Poolside Basketball Hoops actually adjust to six different heights  (telescoping model)  so kids or adults can play.  What's really cool is our model came with two full-sized backboards to play full-court basketball with a hoop at each end or side of your pool.  Then, we simply turned the backboards around and attached a regulation-sized and quality volleyball net (which came with the system)!

When we sold our house, we included all of the pool toys, equipment, and furniture .  EXCEPT,  the Lifetime Poolside Basketball hoops were way too valuable to just throw in with the house to someone we didn't know.  So, we made sure to give those to a friend!  Aaah, how I miss those fun summer pool days.