Need the perfect rod holder for your kayak on your next fishing trip? Lifetime’s Triple Threat Rod Holder is a versatile solution that can hold one of three different rods on your Lifetime Kayak. While not sold separately, it comes packed in with a number of Lifetime Anglers Kayaks. It is designed to attach easily to your kayak and hold a baitcasting rod, spinning rod or fly rod. Between the compatibility and ease of use, this is the most effective and convenient solution for kayak fishing.

How to Attach and Remove your Rod Holder from your Kayak

Before you can start using your rod holder on your kayak, you’ll need to know how to get it attached and ready to go. Many Lifetime Kayaks come with universal tracking mounts that allow you to easily attack a wide variety of gadgets to your kayak. The Triple Threat Rod Holder can be mounted and moved to the perfect position along the universal track. Once attached, you have some additional control through its unique design.

The rod holder can rotate a full 360 degrees and lock into place. Simply lift the rod holder and rotate to the position you want then drop to lock into place. If you align the notches, you can remove the rod holder for cleaning or transport. Additionally, the rod holder can be angled vertically. To do so, you loosen the tightening bolt on the rod holder. You can then adjust the angle for trolling or for transport. This rod holder offers a lot of great options when out fishing.

Lifetime Triple Threat Rod Holder

Holding a Spinning Rod with your Rod Holder

For the spinning rod, the Triple Threat Rod Holder has an opening at the bottom that provides plenty of room for the spinner. Simply slide the rod into the rod holder into place and slide the locking collar to secure into place. The rod holder also comes equipped with pad eyes to leash your rod to the boat and have some extra security. 

Holding a Baitcasting Rod with your Rod Holder

Holding your baitcasting rod is as simple as the spinning rod. The opening at the top is roomy and easily fits the reel. It slides in and can be locked in with the locking collar as well. Once again, you can leash your fishing rod to your kayak. This is a great solution to hold your rod securely on your fishing trip.

Holding a Fly Rod with your Rod Holder

The Triple Threat Rod holder has some notches in the back that are specially designed for fly rods. You can slide the handle into the rod holder, then rest the reel in the notch. Once again, you can rotate the locking collar to lock your rod into place.

How to use the Triple Threat Rod Holder

Get A Lifetime Angler Kayak!

If you are looking for the best rod holding solution for your next fishing trip, the Triple Threat Rod Holder is the perfect accessory that comes packed with many Lifetime Angler Models. Whether you are using a spinning rod, baitcasting rod, or fly rod, it can easily secure your rod to your kayak. Shop Lifetime Angler Kayaks to find the perfect Angler to get out on the water and go fishing.