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Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity

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Tables and Chairs

30-Inch Rectangle Personal Table (Xiamen, China)

30-Inch Rectangle Personal Table XFrame (Xiamen, China)

33-Inch Round Personal Table (Xiamen, China)

34-Inch Square Fold-In-Half Table (Xiamen, China)

46-Inch Round Commercial Table (Clearfield, USA)

4-Foot Commercial Adjustable Folding Table (Xiamen, China)

4-Foot Light Commercial Fold-In-Half Adjustable Table  (Xiamen, China)

4-Foot Light Commercial Tailgate Table (Xiamen, China)

4-Foot Adjustable Essential Fold-In-Half Table (Xiamen, China)

4-Foot Adjustable Light Commercial Fold-In-Half Table (Vietnam)

4-Foot Adjustable Height Table (Xiamen, China)

60-Inch Round Commercial Table (Clearfield, USA)

72-Inch Round Commercial Table (Clearfield , USA)

6-Foot Commercial Fold-In-Half Table (Xiamen, China)

6-Foot Commercial Folding Table (Clearfield, USA)

6-Foot Commercial Folding Table (Vietnam)

6-Foot Commercial Nesting Table (Xiamen, China)

6-Foot Fold-In-Half Bench (Xiamen, China)

6-Foot Professional Folding Table (Clearfield, USA)

8-Foot Commercial Folding Table (Clearfield, USA)

Black Stacking Chair (Xiamen, China)

Commercial Folding Chair (Clearfield, USA)

Classic Folding Chair (Clearfiled, USA)

Light Commercial Compact Table (Xiamen, China)

Light Commercial Folding Chair (Xiamen, China)


Children's Misc Products

Wiggle Car (China)


Children's Picnic Table's 

Children's Rectangle Picnic Table One-Hand Adjust (Xiamen, China)

Children's Oval Picnic Table Push Pin Adjust (Xiamen, China)

Children's Rectangle Picnic Table Push Pin Adjust (Xiamen, China)



Children's Stacking Chair

Children's Stack Chair (Essential) - Almond (Xiamen, China)

Children's Stack Chair (Essential) (Xiamen, China)

Children's Stacking Chair (Commercial) (Xiamen, China)

Children's Stacking Chair (Contemporary) (Xiamen, China)


Children's Table

29 Inch Children's Square Table (Xiamen, China)

22 Inch Children's Square Table (Xiamen, China)

24 Inch Children's Square Table (Xiamen, China)

4 Foot Adjustable Height Table (Xiamen, China)


Sporting Goods (Youth)

Adjustable Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Adjustable Youth Portable Basketball Hoop (Square Backboard)

Tetherball (Clearfield, USA)

Double Shot Aracde

Adjustable Soccer Goal



54" Dome Climber (Vietnam)

66" Dome Climber (Vietnam)

Dome Climber (Primary Color) (China)

Dome Climber (Earthtone Color) (China)

Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter (Primary Color) (China)

Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter (Earthtone Color) (China)

Big Stuff Adventure Swing Set

Double Slide Deluxe Playset

Adventure Tower

A-Frame Playset

Adventure Tower Clubhouse (Earthtone)

Adventure Tunnel

7-Foot Swing Set  (China)

10-Foot Swing Set 

Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set


Watersports (Youth)

Lifetime Wave 60 Youth Kayak (Clearfield, USA)

Lifetime Hooligan 80 Youth Stand-Up Paddleboard (Clearfield, USA)

Emotion Sparky 60 Youth Kayak (Clearfield, USA)

Emotion Recruit 66 Youth Kayak (Clearfield, USA)

Lifetime Dash 66 Youth Kayak (Clearfield, USA)

Emotion Juke 6.5 Youth Kayak (Clearfield, USA)


Picnic Tables

6-Foot Craftsman Picnic Table (Xiamen, China)

6-Foot W-Frame Folding Picnic Table (Xiamen, China)

6-Foot Classic Folding Picnic Table  (Xiamen, China)

8-Foot Classic Folding Picnic Table, Bronze (Clearfield, USA)


Patio and Deck Furniture

Adirondack Furniture (Taiwan)

Glider Bench (Vietnam)

Convertible Bench (Vietnam)

Retro Patio Furniture (Xiamen, China)