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About Our Factory

Plastics Facilities

From start to finish, right in the factory


Lifetime operates one of the largest blow-molding facilities of its kind in North America, housing some of the largest blow-molding machines in the U.S. and blow molding more than 50,000 parts in an average day. Our plastics factory features numerous state-of-the-art blow-molding machines with high-tech robotics which increase efficiency, production, and quality assurance. Lifetime is also one of the largest single-site delivery points of polyethylene plastic in the Western United States. That's because every plastic product that Lifetime makes starts as white plastic polyethylene pellets that are shipped on train cars by the ton to our factory. The plastic pellets are heated by pressure and the melted plastic drops into a mold. The mold closes and clamps the plastic, then a puff of air is blown down the middle to push the plastic into the sides of the mold. This blow-molding process creates a single piece of product with a sturdy, one-piece, dual-wall design.

Metals Facilities

Designed, formed, and produced in-house


Lifetime's metals facility is the Rocky Mountain region's leading supplier of processed steel. Our steel service center features some of the industry's most innovative equipment including a slitter, leveling lines for sheet steel, mechanical tube mills, roll formers, and stamping. Lifetime makes almost every metal part for all of our products and they all start as a giant roll of steel. Then we use the machines in our factory to turn it into a metal piece for our products. After the specific metal part is created, the metals facility sends the part to our other fabrication cells for welding and powder-coating.

Environmentally Clean & Friendly

We love our natural earth, and we show that in our green efforts


At Lifetime, we are proud of our state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing facilities. We are also proud of our responsibility to the environment in these facilities, as well as in our products. So we strive for efficiency in everything we do.

Waste reduction is an important part of conservation at Lifetime and has lead to significant savings for our bottom line and, more importantly, savings for our customers. How do we reduce our waste? Lots of ways. For starters, we recycle our plastic scrap - it is cleansed, reground, and put back into our production process. We also continually streamline our product packaging to use less material. We've even eliminated wax coating from the corrugated cardboard we use, making our boxes completely recyclable.

We also conserve in our overhead and energy management. Lifetime is one of the most active participants in Rocky Mountain Power’s Industrial Energy Efficiency programs — completing over 40 major energy projects since 2003, and saving an estimated 16 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year. Rocky Mountain Power has paid incentives to Lifetime Products for energy efficient projects and presented a Certificate of Energy Resource Stewardship for our dedication to energy efficiency.

In a nutshell, it's all about improving our products and improving our processes to improve our environment.


Raw materials to finished product

It's been our corporate philosophy since we started. It means we manufacture virtually every major component and part used to create our products.  It allows us to have tight control over product quality, while saving time and money with no mark-up to purchase parts from out-of-house suppliers.