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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Basketball Hoop

August 17, 2011

CLEARFIELD, UTAH — Playing basketball outside is a great way to have fun, burn calories, and improve coordination. But, purchasing a residential basketball hoop can be overwhelming and confusing. Whether you plan to shoot hoops for fun, play competitive games of 3-on-3, or practice team drills, these quick tips will help you decide which hoop is right for you.

1. Determining Your Basketball Hoop Location

Before you buy, make sure you have ample space to play. A large, flat, paved surface like a driveway is ideal. Keep in mind it is unsafe (and often illegal) to place a basketball hoop on a street or sidewalk. Whether you have the space in your driveway or backyard, location is going to be the first place to map out when determining the best hoop for your home.

2. Portable Basketball Hoop or In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Now that you have a location, it’s time to evaluate whether a portable or in-ground basketball hoop is best for that space. A portable basketball hoop has a large plastic base with wheels that provide the flexibility of rolling it to a different area. If you determined you’d like more flexibility with location, a portable hoop gives you the option to easily move your hoop. It is also easier to take with you to a new home if you ever decide to move.

In-ground basketball systems take up less ground space and provide more stability for aggressive players. There are several different options for in-ground systems. You can either cement the pole directly into the ground, use a ground sleeve for your system, or opt for a bolt-down system. Opting for a ground sleeve or a bolt-down pole will make it easier to remove the system and move it in the future. This is a great option for those who move to new homes but want to keep their basketball hoop when they do so.

3. Backboard Material

Once you have settled on the location and type of hoop, it’s time to determine the specifics for the hoop to find the appropriate level for the player. Lifetime has a large variety of backboards available for any skill level. Impact backboards are ideal for young players who are learning to play basketball. Shatterproof Fusion™ and Acrylic Fusion™ backboards are virtually unbreakable and are great for beginning to intermediate players. They can be a great long-term option through childhood.

Lifetime also has many options for intermediate to advanced players. The Shatterproof V-Framed, Shatterproof Steel-Framed, and Acrylic Steel-Framed backboards give a much more professional look and feel. If you want arena-style performance, Tempered Glass backboards give you professional quality for advanced players. Determine the level that best suits the players in your household, and you can enjoy your hoop for years.

4. Backboard Size

There are different sized backboards that cater to players at different levels. For kids, 32-inch backboards provide a great foundation for learning the game. 44-inch backboards are excellent for young players learning to shoot. Young teens practicing drives to the basket and a wide range of bank shots will benefit from the rebound space of a 48-52" backboards.

For more advanced players looking for realistic arena-styled play, larger backboards can provide that type of playing surface. Large 54 to 60-inch backboards and regulation sized 72-inch backboards give players a surface designed for high level play.

5. Height Adjustment Mechanism

All Lifetime Basketball Hoops come with height adjustment mechanisms. While some are designed for shorter, more child friendly heights, the majority can be raised from 7.5 feet to the regulation height of 10 feet. Some hoops raise and lower in 6 inch increments, but others give you the ability to raise and lower the hoop in infinite increments. The biggest advantage of height adjustment is having a hoop that grows with the player. As they develop their skills, they can raise the hoop and continuously challenge themselves to improve.

Find Your Basketball Hoop Today

Lifetime is a leading manufacturer of residential basketball systems and offers a wide variety of basketball hoops that will fit your needs. From portable and in-ground hoops to backboard sizes and adjustment mechanisms, we’ve got a wide variety of selections that allow you to get the best basketball hoop for your home. Take a look at Lifetime’s selection of basketball hoops today!