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Product ID

What is a Product ID?

The Product ID is a 7-digit number. It is separate from the model number. The product id number helps to determine when the product was manufactured. This helps us identify the correct version of the model as models are constantly updated.

Where can I find the Product ID on new Products?

On new products you can find the Product ID (1) on the front cover of the assembly manual, or (2) on a sticker on the box.

Where can I find the Product ID on the product itself?

The Product ID sticker will be in a different location depending on the product. (1) Tables - underneath the table (2) Chairs - underneath the chair seat (3) Sheds - on the doors look on the rear side near the top (4) Basketball Hoops - on the center pole on the warning sticker or underneath the back of the rim (5) Playsets - on the back side of the slide near the bottom, on a pole, or on the back side of the climbing wall (6) Kayaks - behind the seat or on the side of the hull next to warning sticker