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Frequently Asked Questions

Lifetime Product FAQ's


Originally, the term "FAQ" referred to "Frequently Answered Questions" and listed answers that had previously been offered by customer support representatives. Whether they're frequently asked, or frequently answered, we're here to help you with anything you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) over other materials?

. . . . . .

Lifetimes blow-molded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tabletops have several advantages over standard materials like Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), wood, or aluminum. Lifetimes HDPE is a proprietary mix that makes our tables stronger, lighter, and more durable than ABS and wood tables. Polyethylene is abrasion and scratch-resistant and will not chip or peel. Unlike ABS, Lifetime tables are one piece, requiring no adhesives, and our engineered dent-resistant corners protect the top from crushing or cracking when inadvertently dropped. HDPE will rebound from impact whereas aluminum or wood tables are likely to dent, scratch, and can even damage the flooring. Lifetime tables are UV-protected, lightweight, durable, low-maintenance, and guaranteed to provide you with the best overall value.

Where can I purchase a Lifetime table?

. . . . . .

Visit the Where to Buy page for a list of some of the major retailers who carry our products in-store. For local Utah outlet store locations, visit the Lifetime Store, and for online sales visit the Lifetime Store Online.

What are BIFMA commercial grade standards?

. . . . . .

BIFMA stands for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing Association. BIFMA sets industry standards for commercial grade furniture. Most Lifetime products meet or exceed all BIFMA commercial standards.

Are Lifetime Tables good for outdoor use?

. . . . . .

Yes! Lifetime tabletops have UV-inhibitors that help prevent fading or becoming brittle in the sunlight. We also use a powder-coating process which protects the steel frame from rusting or corrosion. Powder-coating is the most durable coloring process on the market better than traditional paints.

Does Lifetime Products make table carts?

. . . . . .

Yes, our carts can be found in the Lifetime Store Online. Our table cart models typically hold between 10 - 12 tables.

Where is the model number on the table I need to register?

. . . . . .

The model number will be stated on the product label near the UPC.

How do I remove the product’s adhesive label?

. . . . . .

To remove adhesive labels without harming the finish on your product, rub vegetable oil into the label. This softens the adhesive enough so you can lift the label off the product. After the label is removed, wash away the excess oil with a cloth using warm water and dish soap. If any adhesive remains on the product, we suggest using a non-scratching pad to remove it.

How do I clean a Lifetime table?

. . . . . .

We recommend cleaning the surfaces of our tables with mild dish soap and a damp cloth. For greasy food residues, use a mild abrasive, such as Soft Scrub and a soft-bristled brush or non-scratching pad. For automotive grease, use a de-greasing cleanser. Lifetime tables are resistant to most organic stains.

Can I use a microwave or coffee pot on a Lifetime table?

. . . . . .

While microwaves and coffee pots will not melt or bubble the tabletop, they may cause discoloration over time. However, you should never apply high heat directly to a Lifetime tabletop.

Do Lifetime tables have a smooth top for writing?

. . . . . .

Lifetime tables are slightly textured to prevent items from sliding off the tabletop. However, even with the texture, the tabletop is still smooth enough for writing.

What is the warranty on a Lifetime table and how do I file a claim?

. . . . . .

The warranty on a Lifetime table depends on the product as well as the product line. Warranties are listed in the text near each product picture on our website. Visit the Warranty page for additional information and for instructions on how to file a warranty claim. You may also contact customer service (1-800-225-3865) to learn about your specific warranty and additional information.

How do I set up my Fold-In-Half Table?

. . . . . .

Lifetimes fold-in-half tables are designed to be set-up easily and simple to use. When the table is folded in half, the side that opens the table will have a groove to give you a place to grip when opening the table. Once opened, simply unfold the table legs as normal, making sure the safety rings fall into place. We have two mechanisms that lock our table into the open position. The first is a red clip that you push to lock into place. This clip keeps your table locked in the open position. The second mechanism we have is an automatic locking system that locks your table in place as you open the table legs. No additional action is needed to open and lock your table.