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Advantages of Blow-Molded Tables

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Table and Bench

At Lifetime Products, we continually work to make and innovate the best products for our customers.  With various forms of plastic molding available on the market, and different products to make with them, we’ve found that Blow Molding is one of the best processes to make your tables.

But, what is Blow Molding?

To put it simply, a blow-molded product is made with air. During the process the melted High-Density Polyethylene, or HDPE, drops into molds where air is blown in, expanding the HDPE into the cavities.

All right, now you may ask, what is HDPE? High Density Polyethylene is essentially a type of plastic that makes our products stronger, lighter, and more durable than others. Polyethylene will not crack, chip, or peel and is formulated to withstand extended wear and tear in the harshest elements.

Lifetime Products is the industry leader in the blow-molded table market. Lifetime uses blow-molded HDPE because it makes a stronger and more durable, weather-resistant table than wood, aluminum, or other plastic tables. We use UV-protection to prevent cracking and discoloration, and powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and bending so that you can use your Lifetime tables for years.

The HDPE is stain resistant—protecting against food spills and the playful nature of your kids.  And if they’re used in a garage setting, motor oils and other stains won’t set in either!

There are definite advantages that Lifetime blow-molded tables have over wood, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), aluminum, or other plastic tables:

Wooden tables are prone to cracking, splintering, and require regular maintenance with sanding and staining or painting.
Unlike ABS tables, Lifetime’s blow-molded tables are one piece, requiring no glues or adhesives, and the thoughtful design of our dent resistant corners protect the top from crushing or cracking when accidentally dropped.

Aluminum tables are likely to dent, scratch, and can even damage flooring. And although injection-molded tables tend to be more inexpensive, it comes from their thin quality. Risks such as air bubbles can weaken the injection-molded table, and warping can easily happen.

At Lifetime, our tables are designed with a unique tack-off pattern which we’ve invested time to test in all conditions and environments. It’s because of this tack-off pattern that the design of our tables is so durable and strong. The blow-molded tables have nearly twice the strength of an injection-molded table with the same thickness. Our blow-molding technology gives you a stronger product for years of use.

So when it comes to blow-molded tables, we know that our cutting-edge technology will give you the strongest most durable product possible. And since durable products are what we make, we will continue to use the best processes available to bring you exactly what you need.

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