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Why Buy a Fold-In-Half or Adjustable Height Table?

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Fold in Half Table

To put it simply, we’ll put the answer in one sentence: to make your life easier.  You have so many things going on in your life that there’s no way you can store or buy a different table for every need in your life, and every person.  If that were the case, you’d need a whole room just for tables.  And…as nice as that would be, who has the money or space for that?  There are so many advantages to owning a Lifetime Fold-In-Half or Adjustable Height table that you’ll even start finding ways to use them to fit needs we haven’t even thought of!

With family dinners, holidays, weddings, birthday parties, and other get-togethers, the Lifetime Fold-In-Half table, whether in an 8, 6, 5, or 4-foot length, or 37” square, you’ll have the added seating area you need for extra family members or guests, or maybe that one last table to set food on for a buffet.  But the extra seating area isn’t even the best part. Whether you’re using the table at home or at work, we know that storage space is limited. Many closets may not be tall or wide enough to fit a full table.  You’ve probably needed a garage in the past or large basement space to store your extra tables.  But the unique fold-in-half design allows you to slide the table under almost any bed, in a closet, easy transportation in the back of your car, or any place you have room. And the added carry handle and lightweight design means that almost anyone in your family can carry it!

Our Adjustable Height tables also are versatile enough to fit any project or person using them.  Planning an afternoon of crafts or need a kid’s table for Thanksgiving? What about making the table tall enough to fit a wheelchair underneath? With the Adjustable Height table, one table can be used in a variety of different ways, all to fit your needs. Lifetime Personal Tables, 42-inch, 4 and 6-foot tables feature a variety of adjustable height settings ranging from 19" to 36" for whatever use you can imagine.

Lifetime Adjustable Height and Fold-In-Half tables are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood. They are resistant to cracks, chipping, or peeling, and are built for indoor and outdoor use. The patented steel frame design provides a sturdy foundation and is protected with a powder-coated weather-resistant finish.

And we’ll give you one more reason our Fold-In-Half and Adjustable tables are amazing: less cleanup. With surfaces resistant to stains, any difficult food or marks can be easily cleaned and removed.

With a new Lifetime Fold-In-Half or Adjustable table, an easier life sounds so nice, doesn’t it?

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