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The advantages of blow-molded plastic chairs

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Lifetime Chair

The advantages of blow-molded plastic chairs over padded chairs include cost, comfort, and easy cleaning.

COST--The price tag on a padded folding chair usually higher than a plastic folding chair because manufacturers assume that consumers are willing to pay more for the fluff and foam, and some of them are. But all it takes is a little research on the customer's part to discover that you get more for your money with a Lifetime blow-molded plastic chair. More comfort and more product life. Lifetime chairs are designed for outdoor as well as indoor use, so you get twice as much use out of them as you would padded chairs--which aren't designed for outdoor use.  

COMFORT--In market simulations, Lifetime contoured folding chairs are preferred 2 to 1 over padded chairs. Surprised? Chair padding doesn't do any body much good if it is covering a flat seat. Padding will compress after each use until eventually you will be in direct contact with that hard, flat surface. Besides having wider seats and taller backs than other chairs on the market, Lifetime chairs are ergonomically contoured to your body's natural shape so that it supports you in all the right places. Lifetime chairs will never lose their shape, even with constant use.

CLEANING--Blow-molded plastic chairs require very little maintenance compared to padded chairs. The high-density polyethylene plastic used in Lifetime chairs is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and water proof. No worries about rips, holes, or spills.  Low maintenance is an especially significant advantage if you’re providing seating accommodations for a large organization.

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