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Winter Curb Appeal - by Loren Keim

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Open Shed

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or impress your family and friends during the holidays, their first impression of your home is the exterior. Although showcasing the front of your home is difficult in colder weather with brown lawns, leafless trees and a backdrop of cold and blistery skies, there are ways to improve the appearance and make your curb appeal pop.


  • The Lawn – Although you won’t be able to change the color of your lawn, or correct bare spots during the winter, you can create a manicured look by cleaning up the yard. Rake up any remaining leaves and remove any garbage that’s blown into your yard.
  • The Landscaping – Clean out all the dead plants that won’t be coming back. Cut back bushes and trees that overgrew during the spring and summer. You might even consider planting a few winter flowers, if your climate permits. Even in winter months, depending on the weather, honeysuckle, snowberry, winter jasmine and lambs ear can add color to a dreary exterior.
  • Put Everything Away – It’s time to throw out the rusted rake that’s been sitting against your home for the last several months, and clean up the garbage bags on the side of the house. Put away the garden hose and the children’s outside toys. You’ll need to keep your garage free for parking the car through the cold season, so I suggest purchasing an outdoor storage building, such as a weather resistant Lifetime shed.
  • Add a Splash of Color – A little color can take away the winter blahs and make the front of your home stand out. A nice colorful wreath on the door and something colorful on the mailbox will draw attention and improve the look. More plantings, including evergreens, colorful poinsettias and holly bushes can add to an attractive winter exterior.
  • Safety Tips –Days are shorter and good lighting is important, so replace any burned out light bulbs outside. Make sure your sidewalks and any other walking paths are clear. You don’t want anyone slipping and falling. If you hang exterior holiday lights to brighten your home, make sure to use lights and extension cords that are rated for outside use.

Improving your curb appeal in the winter isn’t expensive, but it does take careful planning, a little creativity and a few hours of hard work!

Loren Keim is a national authority on real estate and the housing market and is the president of Century 21 Keim Realtors in Pennsylvania. He is the author of several how-to books, including “How to Sell Your Home in Any Market” and has appeared on various television programs and radio shows offering advice and insight on the housing market and the recent real estate crisis. In addition to his other work, he currently serves as a spokesperson for Lifetime.

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