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Elegant Holiday Buffet

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Elegant Buffet

Now that you’ve decorated the tree, it’s time to decorate the table! Whether you’re planning a Christmas feast for two or twenty, this party plan is a sure ticket to dining in elegance. Invite your guests to a holiday dinner that welcomes the spirit of Christmas with class, style, and grace. Most of the materials can be purchased at a building supply or home improvement store and your local department store. The glass architectural blocks form the shape of a Christmas tree and have a wonderful effect—your guests will think you’ve gone to the work of sculpting a tree out of ice! Along with the tall candles, the ice blocks give the table dramatic height, and a sophisticated look. 


  • Lifetime banquet table
  • Lifetime folding chairs
  • A red silk tablecloth and white linen napkins
  • 21 glass architectural blocks
  • Earthquake or museum wax
  • 11 glass votives and glass balls
  • A wreath and small weight
  • Artificial snow
  • Tall red or white candles and candlesticks of various heights
  • White Christmas lights
  • ”Christmas tree” napkin rings: Paper towel rolls (1 or 2), a variety of small green beads, and rubber cement or hot glue gun
  • Red Christmas ball ornaments
  • Glass bowls (fish bowls work nicely)
  • Small white flowers, preferably with flexible stems or vines
  • Clear or red berry wreaths (one per glass bowl)


  1. Place red silk tablecloth and white linen napkins on your banquet table.
  2. Make the “Ice Block Christmas Tree” – At the back edge of the buffet, line up 6 glass blocks, end to end, placing earthquake or museum wax in between each block. Next, center 5 glass blocks on top of the first 6, affixing with wax. For the next layer use four blocks, then three, then two, and finally one block. You now have a Christmas tree shape made out of glass blocks with five small ledges on either side. Remember to affix each layer and each block with wax.
  3. Place a small glass votive candle holder on each ledge and top with a red glass Christmas ball. Surround each with a sprig of holly. Place a final glass ball on the top of the Christmas tree. You will need a total of 11 glass votives and glass balls.
  4. To hang a wreath in the center, tie a wreath with heavy weight fishing line and thread it in between the top two glass blocks. Tie a weight onto the end and let it hang. This will hold the wreath in place.
  5. Surround the glass Christmas tree with artificial snow, more glass balls and red candles.
  6. If you want the glass tree to sparkle from behind, tape a string of white tiny Christmas lights to the backside of the tree and plug in.
  7. Make “Christmas Tree” napkin rings: Glue the ribbon onto the cut towel rolls. Allow to dry, and then glue beads and sequins onto the ribbon in a ½ inch circle, layering it to cluster and form a Christmas tree shape. You may have to do this in stages, allowing the glue to dry before adding another layer. The idea is to make a 3-dimensional “tree,” with a chunky, clustered look. The more layers you make, the more chunky the tree will look. Allow to dry overnight. Glue a sequin “star” to the top of each Christmas tree.
  8. Set the glass bowls on top of the clear berry wreaths, and bend the white flowers so that they fill the glass.


  • Glass Blocks can be found at any home improvement or building supply store.
  • Make a dessert table using a 5 foot round Lifetime table, covered with red silk, velvet, or felt fabric. Arrange the desserts on additional stacked glass blocks, adding height and interest to the table. Surround with candles and artificial snow.

Recipe: Christmas Gift From the Kitchen

  • Potted Cheese
  • 6 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 T. sherry
  • 1/2 tsp curry powder
  • sea salt to taste
  • 18 oz. jar of mango chutney, finely chopped
  • chopped chives
  1. Beat together the cream cheese, cheddar, sherry, curry powder, and salt until well blended
  2. Stir in the chutney
  3. Pack into three or four 6oz. Ramekins or custard cups and sprinkle with chives. Cover with plastic wrap and then foil and refrigerate or freeze. Will keep for three weeks.

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