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Study Zone 101

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Study Time

Getting back into the study zone at home can be a tough process after a long, fun summer. Some simple organization can help you approach the coming year with the perfect homework setting; tailored to your child's school situation. So, grab a highlighter and take note of these easy ideas for finding and creating the perfect homework place!


  1. Designated space. Designate a set place in your room or home for your child to study. If it is a younger child, make the space someplace (such as the family room or kitchen) where you can easily supervise the work and be readily available to answer questions. If it is an older child, his own bedroom is an ideal location.
  2. Table it. There’s a reason classrooms have desks and chairs instead of couches and beds…it keeps the students alert! The same should hold true at home. Make sure your child has a desk or table to use for studying and doing homework. Try to make it someplace where his homework can lay uninterrupted if the work may take a long time. (For instance, a kitchen table may not be the best homework place because it may require unfinished homework to be moved at dinnertime.) A Lifetime Personal Table is the perfect size for a student desk. And, it can easily be folded and stored on the weekends when homework is out of sight!
  3. Size matters. Making sure your child has a desk or table is important. But, it also needs to be the appropriate size. For younger children, most homework usually involves just a worksheet or one book so a small desk such as a Lifetime Personal Table is adequate. And, the table height is adjustable to ensure a proper fit for your child. Middle school and high schools students, however, often have multiple items in use at the same time such as a textbook, dictionary, and notebook. Consider using a Lifetime 4-Foot Table for more space and an economical solution. If space permits, place two 4-Foot Tables in an L-shape to really give your child a place to spread out while having everything within arm’s reach and eye’s view.
  4. Light bright. Your child’s homework space should be well-lit to provide good reading light, as well as to help keep your child alert while studying. Placing your child’s desk near a window for natural lighting will also help brighten his homework mood. (However, ideally the desk should not face the window so you’re child won’t be tempted to watch activities going on outside.)
  5. Shhhh. Study halls require students to be quiet while studying and so should you. Keep your child’s homework space free from noise distractions. Kids will complain, but that means no TV, no radio, no iPods, no video games, no phones, no cell phones, etc. Parents and other siblings should also abide by this rule and be quiet in and around the homework space.


Not sure where to put your study space? There are lots of places in your house or apartment that provide the ideal quiet corner. Here are 5 Places to Get Instant Personal Study Space.

  • The Bedroom. Children need to have a designated place to do their homework. The Lifetime Personal Table is the perfect size for use as a small desk in your child’s bedroom. Plus, with three adjustable height settings, it’s made to grow with your child.
  • The Family Room. Younger children frequently need homework supervision. Set up a Lifetime Personal Table in the family room so you can quietly read a magazine and be readily available to answer any questions while your child is doing homework next to you.
  • The Office Room. Computers are now an essential part of homework. When your child needs to do homework on the computer, place a Lifetime Personal Table to the side of the computer desk (to make an L-shape configuration) so she has room to spread out her books and papers to her side while having the computer easily accessible in front of her.
  • The Class Room. Teachers often need extra desks for student tutor time away from the rest of the class. Moving a desk can be cumbersome and extra desks aren’t always available. A Lifetime Personal Table is an easy way to quickly gain an extra student desk. When it’s not being used as a desk, it also can be used as a podium, a demonstration table, or simply to hold the homework in-box.
  • The Dorm Room. The Lifetime Personal Table is ideal for college students who need extra study tables during late night cram sessions with their friends. And, it folds flat for easy storage in compact spaces like under a bed or behind a dresser.

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