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Garage Sale!

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Garage Sale

With the winter thaw complete and the warm sun shining down on the yard, it’s time to engage in the timeless act of “spring cleaning.”

Spring is the perfect time to climb up in the attic, creep down into the basement and de-clutter your entire household. Pull out all of the hidden treasures that have worn out their welcome and hold the first great garage sale of the year.


  • Full assortment of Lifetime Folding Tables
  • A beautiful day!
  • Wide selection of junk from the basement, attic, closets and garage
  • Signage for posting around the neighborhood
  • Ad in the local paper or community newsletter
  • Price tags
  • Change (small bills, coins and receipts) and a cash box
  • Refreshments (or a Lemonade Stand so the kids can participate)


  1. Before you begin, be sure to have plenty of Lifetime Folding tables on hand to display all of your beautiful treasures. These tables are strong and sturdy, and won’t add to the clutter when you are done because they fold-up and are easy to store.
  2. Check with your local government for any laws or restrictions in regards to your yard sale. This should include asking about rules on posting signage.
  3. Pick a warm, sunny day for your garage sale. Weekends are always the best time and it’s always wise to keep your eye on the weather before you start. A wet garage sale is no fun for anyone.
  4. Now take inventory of what you have to sell. This will help you create a nice pricing plan as well as giving you an idea of how to package certain things together. Sometimes, a pair of old skis may just sit there and not get sold, but if you package them together with boots, poles and a fluffy scarf, you may move it much quicker!
  5. Advertise your garage sale around town. See our free downloadable flyer below. This can include signage posted on street corners and in neighbor’s yards. It’s also a good idea to advertise in the local newspaper classified ads. Most garage sale aficionados check the papers first before planning their treasure trips.
  6. Start early! Many people who frequent garage sales are “early birds,” especially if you post it in the newspaper. So prepare your yard and your family, it’s going to be an early start to a long morning.
  7. Make sure you have plenty of change on hand to handle even the smallest purchase, and mark everything clearly with price tags. The eventual price is ALWAYS negotiable at garage sales, but it’s nice to give your customers a place to start the bartering. Have a secure cashbox on hand to keep all of your change and earnings in one place.
  8. Provide refreshments for your patrons. Shopping can be a tiring chore, so it’s nice to have some cool beverages on hand. If you want to involve the kids, use a smaller Lifetime table and a few chairs and set-up a Lemonade Stand. It’s a great way to get the kids up early and the perfect spot to raise a little money for their summer spending sprees.
  9. Invite your neighbors to join in on the fun. Garage sales that include the hidden treasures of more than one home are always a hit. Besides, it’s the perfect way to make new friends and re-kindle your old friendships.
  10. When everything is done and it’s time to close up shop, take an inventory of what has been sold. If you don’t want to store your unsold bounty, make a trip to the local thrift shop or Salvation Army center. You may also want to check to see if your kids’ school or your church is having a rummage sale, your stuff may be a good addition to the local community drive.

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