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7 Games to Boost a Baby Shower

. . . . . .

Morning Brunch

It’s time to take the traditional baby shower to the next level! If you’ve sat through the traditional baby shower, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Eleven varieties of cake, the ceremonious passing around of ultrasound photos, small games, and small prizes.

After about the twenty-sixth time you’ve sat with your ankles crossed, laughing politely and looking at your watch, aren’t you ready to try something else? If you’re fed up with the traditional cake fest, check out the tips below, and use the ideas to throw a baby shower that’s both memorable and original!

  • Lifetime Banquet Table
  • Lifetime Folding Chairs
  • Baby shower invitations Print one invitation per guest. Fold this printable .pdf into fourths, and write all your baby shower information on it.
  • “Oh baby!” Fashion Show: variety of baby clothes and accessories, music player, microphone.
  • What’s Baby Saying?: audio recorder and player, a pencil and small paper for each guest.
  • Bowling for Baby Bottles: 10 empty bottles, about 20 feet of rope or 2x4 boards, 2 racquet or tennis balls, pencil, score card
  • Plant a Tree: a good, sturdy, baby tree.
  • Mommy Marathon: plastic doll, infant diapers, baby clothes, small bottles full of cold water, several rattles.
  • Baby Chores Charades: List of baby chores, cut into slips, and something to draw them from.
  • Baby Items ABC’s: list of alphabet letters, and a pencil for each guest.


  1. Baby Chores Charades: This shower game is a guaranteed party success. Have your guests choose baby tasks like mixing up bottles, changing diapers, and wrapping up baby in a blanket, and act them out for everyone to guess. Award a prize to the person who guesses the most correctly and the most entertaining “actress.” Print out our chore list and cut it into strips. For a little extra fun, put the strips into a diaper or diaper bag for guests to draw from.
  2. “Oh baby!” Fashion Show: The perfect baby shower game for a fashionable mom-to-be. Buy a variety of baby clothes and accessories for the mom-to-be, and invite the guests to model them in a fashion show. Try making a diaper into a purse, or sport a rattle as a bracelet. Write funny lines for each item, making them sound vogue. For example “Never run to the bathroom to rub out that stain again! Now you can wear a stylish modern bib, the latest in celebrity fashion trends. Great for a night out.” To really get a laugh, put on some funky music and plug in a microphone, to announce each model and read the funny justifications for the hilarious “baby inspired” fashions.
  3. What’s Baby Saying?: This shower game is a little challenging, but great for a big group. Record a young toddler saying things like “binky” and “mommy I’m thirsty”, and play them one at a time. Pass out paper and pencils beforehand, or simply have guests yell out the answers. Whoever deciphers the most baby-talk wins!
  4. Bowling for Baby Bottles: An entertaining baby shower game for any size group! Set up ten empty bottles in a triangle formation, with the point facing the bowler. Create a 10-15 foot “lane” with 2x4’s or thick rope, leading to the bottles. Use a tennis or racquet ball, and start bowling for bottles. Let guests bowl twice on each turn. Keep score: award 1 point for every pin knocked down. 10 points for a strike (plus the next two frames). 10 points for a spare, plus the next frame. Bowl about 5 rounds to keep the game short, and only 2 or 3 frames if you have a large crowd. To keep score, download our free score cards. Go all out and give the party a bowling theme. Call it something like “Party at Anne’s Bowling Alley” or “Smith Lanes.” Break into “leagues” and let them come up with fun names.
  5. Plant a Tree: Great shower activity for environmental appreciation! Have guests pitch in and purchasing a beautiful, sturdy tree to grow alongside baby. Plan an activity to go outside, dig a hole, and plant it for mom and dad to enjoy. This also makes a special gift for baby later in life.
  6. Mommy Marathon: WARNING: don’t play this game without a camera. You’ll want to keep some of these pictures forever! Split the women into teams and set up a variety of “marathon” challenges. One challenge can be diaper changing (use a plastic doll and some newborn diapers), one can be folding laundry (use baby clothes), and the last can be feeding the baby (use small plastic bottles full of cold water, have them feed it to another team member). Set up each station in a linear fashion, one after the other across the room. As one team member finishes a task as fast as they can, they pass the “baton” (a rattle or pacifier) to their team member who completes the next challenge. The team who completes all the tasks in the least amount of time wins.
  7. Baby Items ABC’s: Here’s a challenging game that's great for any shower. Give each guest a list of alphabet letters and a pencil. Ask them to write down as many baby items as they can list that begin with each letter (only listing one item for each letter). Whoever lists the most items, wins a prize!
  8. Theme your shower: Does the mom-to be have a particular passion? Maybe it’s Mexican food, country music, animals, or bright colors. So have a Fiesta, hoe down, safari party or luau! More ideas are Grammy’s or Oscar’s Awards, her favorite TV series, or a certain sport. Be sure the mom’s having fun! Talk with her ahead of time, and get a feel for what kind of shower she’d enjoy most.

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