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Spooky Halloween Table Decor

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Baking a Pie

The only thing scarier than Halloween, is not being prepared for it! If you host an annual Halloween party, or are looking to throw a party this year, try these table topper ideas to entertain your guests with frightfully delightful décor! From a black fuzzy tablecloth, to a variety of pumpkins and candles, a miniature trick or treat bag for a name plate, these peices are easy to make and set the perfect scene.


  • Lifetime tables
  • Lifetime folding chairs
  • Black, furry fabric, enough to cover your table or just the center
  • “Pumpkin” placemats: Orange and black shiny vinyl fabric or felt (1 yard per 4 guests),glue gun, scissors,
  • Guest party bags: Free downloadable cut out templates or kid friendly cut out templates, Halloween patterned paper bags, glitter, dark stamp ink pad, paintbrush, colorful tissue, glass or plastic vials, lollypops, and whatever additional candy you want inside.
  • Miniature pumpkins
  • Tea lights or small candles
  • Black cat, witch or moon stickers
  • White plates
  • Black wire
  • Pencils
  • Fake black spiders
  • Lots of pumpkins of various sizes and shapes
    1. Cover your Lifetime table with the black, furry fabric
    2. Make “pumpkin” placemats: Cut the orange shiny vinyl fabric into the shape of a large pumpkin (no larger than 17” x 15”). Glue the vinyl pumpkin onto a 17” x 15” rectangle of black vinyl. Glue short tufts of raffia at the top of the pumpkin for “stems”. Cut out eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. from additional black vinyl and glue onto the orange pumpkin placemats, to create a spooky face. Hollow out enough tiny pumpkins to place 5-6 on every table. Put votive candles inside.
    3. Place pumpkins of several different sizes in the middle of each table.
    4. Make the baby pumpkin-votives. Place the candle or tealight on top and center of the pumpkin. Use a pencil to trace around the candle and make a circle. Use a knife to cut out the circle, go as deep as you'd like the candle to sit. Place the candle in the pumpkin. Set the baby pumpkin-votives around the other pumpkins on the table.
    5. Place the black stickers on the rims of white plates at each setting.
    6. Tie napkins with black wire, spiral the ends by twisting around a pencil and attach fake black spiders to the ends.
  • Set up a small kids’ table using either the Lifetime Kids picnic table or an adjustable-height Lifetime table. Have crayons and white paper on each table along with stickers, spiders, black cat charms, etc. so they can draw spooky Halloween stuff and decorate it. Remember to have an adult supervise.
  • Furry and vinyl fabric can be found in most fabric stores, and black fake spiders and stickers can be found at most party supply stores.
  • Free downloadable cut out templates
  • Free kid-friendly downloadable cut out templates

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