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Dog Wash Stand

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Dog wash stand

Sick and tired of the summer blues? Make a splash in your neighborhood with a dog washing stand! Nothing beats summer boredom like getting outside, getting wet, and earning a few bucks while you’re at it. Invite your neighbors to bring their pooches to get a good cleaning for just a few dollars. Use this as a fund-raiser for your school, community, or a local charity, or simply as a way for your kids to earn a little extra money over the summer.


  • Lifetime utility table.
  • Lifetime personal table
  • Plenty of young entrepreneurs or volunteers
  • Flyers
  • Sign: Poster paper, markers
  • Cash box
  • Change: coins and dollar bills
  • Large basin(s)
  • Hose
  • Dog Shampoo
  • Old towels
  • Dog brush
  • Doggie treats
  • Some ribbons and bows (optional)
  • Blow dryer(optional)


  1. Set a date and spread the word: Distribute fliers around your neighborhood. Be sure to check the weather beforehand. The rain is a poor substitute for your expert washing techniques!
  2. Get Supplies: Gather your old towels and purchase any items from the checklist that you don’t already have on hand.
  3. Make a Sign: Get a colorful poster paper, or colorful markers to make a bright and fun sign to post at your dog washing stand. You may want to mimic the design of your flyers so that people recognize your stand. Be sure to include prices.
  4. Now you’re ready for opening day!  Set up your stand in a highly visible location and in an area where the kids can work safely. Hang the sign from table, set out the cash box, and invite cutomers to “step right up”.
  5. Doggie treats will go a long way in gaining the cooperation of those dogs who don't relish taking a bath. Once the dog is thoroughly wet, lather it with soap and then rinse well. The dogs can be towel-dried or dried with a blow dryer. IMPORTANT: If using a blow dryer, keep it away from the water basin to prevent an accidental electricution!
  6. Play it safe by having a parent present at all times. Don't take the risk of a child being bitten. If a dog exhibits threatening behavior, turn the customer away.


  • If you want to attract more than just your own neighborhood residents, put up fliers in your local grocery store, church, library, and community centers.  In this case, be sure to have multiple washing stations, plenty of towels, and several volunteer helpers on hand so more than one dog can be washed at a time.
  • Let one of the children oversee the cash box. This is a great way to teach them how to count change.

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